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Anonymous asked:

You've mentioned before that the manga includes some clues, symbolism, and foreshadowing. However, while I was reading the manga I never saw any of them! Could you make a few posts showing some of the symbols or direct us toward some chapters which have them? Thanks!~


Here are some posts made by a couple of tumblr users regarding some symbolisms/foreshadowing in scattered all over Tokyo Ghoul.

  • Hidden Tarot Card Symbolisms
  • Mirror Panels (there are so many of these. This is just one example.)
  • Kaneki’s Habit (As early as chapter one Ishida-sensei has already planted this clue but this was not revealed by Hide to Touka until chapter 118)
  • Kaneki’s hair color transformation is in itself symbolic. 

Suzuya’s Tarot Card Symbolism

  • I’m only going to site Suzuya as an example because he is my fave and bcz I don’t want this to be too long.
  • If you want know more about symbolisms and stuff you can read through this batoto forum thread. It has a lot of it.
  • Suzuya Juuzou’s hair clip is a roman numeral for #13. This is equivalent to the Major Arcana card “Death”. Suzuya’s quinque “13’s Jason” looks like a scythe.

  • Death card: A card that is most feared and misunderstood. Represents transformation and transition. (Now does this not describe Suzuya perfectly or what?)


My names is Jonas, call me Jonas Groan
Banished to the Underworld where I’m mostly alone
All I got is a backbone from some hellhound
I’m sorry but that’s all I found underground
Cold dark and lonely, I’ll never let you get as low as me
I’m Jonas Groan and this is my only offering
Don’t have to offer much to be only Third King

Jay Munly and Lupercalians - Three Wise Hunters

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